Friday, 31 March 2017

In the Clearing - Final - "The Park"

This didn't take much to finish.
Yes, I changed the name again.
It reminded me of the park across from my childhood home. In reality it isn't wasn't that expansive but to a child it felt that way. (And of course there were no deer in the middle of the city.)

All that was necessary to do this morning was to add the ground. I released the dark trees to have them sit over the piece. While it's difficult to see in the photo, they now are separated from the rest not only by their colour but their position.
A little "sketching" to fasten and to add "shrubbery" and this piece is finished.
I'm yet undecided on the edge finish but I'm thinking it will handle a proper binding in keeping with the heavy vertical of the trees.

( I still think the deer/wolves or the Velociraptors would have been fun!!!!😀 )