Sunday, 26 March 2017

The Land That Time Forgot - Day 2

Most of the morning was spent adding my Chiffon/Nylon, (or whatever this is). I found some dark gold that worked to dampen the brightness of the yellow and orange and lend some muting to the under story of the trees.

Using a warm iron, I went over the whole piece taming the chiffon, stripping it of it electrostatic devilry that made the pieces stand up and travel every time I introduced another chunk. More Embroidery thread branches and a few cotton ones as well.
Then the whole piece was covered with white netting and pinned. That took another hour.
I pinned every two inches and staggered the rows. Extra pins were used where ever I wanted absolutely no movement, such as where a cloth branch touches the corresponding tree trunk.

Then I started stitching.
It's about 1/5 done, two hours of tiny work. Enough for today, my shoulders have seized.