Sunday, 12 March 2017

Revisiting the Moonlight

I always felt that a piece is not finished until I'm ready to let if go. In this case while I loved a lot of things about Moonlight, on some level it left me flat.
Then I rediscovered a picture I had saved in Pinterest.
And that was the missing piece.
A Crow
This is a straight forward item for thread painting.
First the cartoon on interfacing and then colour it. I used water soluble pencils and with a little encouragement, they smudged nicely.

First the black
Then purple for the glisten

I restitched with embroidery thread in black. Its thinner and cut the overwhelming purple solid.

The legs on this guy are incomplete while I decide where and how to place him.
I may need another branch.

I also need some time to live with the purple on the blue.
I can always redo him in just black and grey.