Sunday, 5 March 2017


The barn is still alive!
I decided to present this at dawn, just to add a little colour.
The possibilities are endless and I'm feeling my way through.
I switched from stitching to FM and of course the fabric drew up even more. But I'm rather philosophical about this. If it draws up the same amount all over, no harm. If not, its another lesson in a long line.
But I did mount it on the LA today, just to see if it was as easy as I've been led to think. It is quicker but the rapid stitches and the density of the quilting is too much for the embroidery thread. That's a shame as they add that shiny look that a sunrise might have. I can work around that.

So here's how it looks today. However I will have to remove it from the LA to work on the Swamp.