Thursday, 23 March 2017

Bird 3 - Bluejay

I only did this one, today. It took almost 4 hours.
There were 5 shades of blue, 3 white plus black and grey, primarily regular thread and a little embroidery thread near the end to add a touch of sheen. I decided it really wasn't necessary for a lot of the early stitching and it is significantly more expensive.
A lot of twitch muscle work, small movements, so I had to take a lot of breaks.

I chose to do this fellow with out a hoop, ( just to shake things up a bit ) with a light interfacing, coloured, on a light stabilizer. Midway I added a heavier stabilizer because it began to distort a little too much.
coloured cartoon

Undercolour with serging thread

some white and black added

 This is now ready to "cut out" and stitch onto a background.