Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Land Before Time - Day 4 and Time to Rename This = In the Clearing

I wanted to settle the animal component once and for all. Why include them at all?
It adds a "life" component and also provides a focus, a story, as hubby would say.
I agreed the stag and wolf combination was a little aggressive so I went searching some more.
( But Hey! Remember the original was Velociraptors! )

By cutting and pasting I assembled a peaceful vignette, a fawn and doe.

Transferred over to fusible backed material, they are in place. I had concerns for the fragile nature of their legs so I caged them with netting as a protection.

There is a lot more to be done here, but to move forward I needed to locate them.

I also did some work on the crown, filling it out with finer branches. This is thread work. And I added some under-story trees. There will be more to this mid ground work but it's a short day today.