Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Land That Time Forgot

This will be a landscape.
It wasn't the one I had planned, but I need better weather to paint fabric. This had been in my files for while so I thought I'd give it a try using a different mix of materials.
The reason for the title (temporary) is cute. IF you look VERY CLOSELY at the bottom of the picture..........I SWEAR that's a band of Velociraptors running across the land. I have no idea where this photo came from other than through Pinterest, so who knows. Someone's photoshop genius?

I decided I would use a confetti method I read about where NOTHING is stitched down until the very end. I may change that as I don't intend for everything to be applique. So stitching required.

I stopped today at this point because I was becoming too twitchy. When everything is placed with tweezers, I do better earlier in the day. So I'll pick up on this in the morning.

Materials are, so far, polycotton background, thin slices of Northcott Stonehedge fabric for the trees, (some are placed showing the back) organza, nylon and thread.
Again, layers......and layers, starting at the back.