Friday, 10 June 2016

When I Don't have the Right Fabric....

I paint it.
If I'm going to feature some mature maple leaves I wanted an interesting fabric.
I'm not sure of the exact style yet but, in case I wanted some loose edges I needed to make sure both the front and back of the fabric had colour.

I had dyed some lime green fabric last September. Lime green is not the colour I wanted so I over painted it with a medium "stale" green paint from last year to which I added some black. After dousing the FQ with about 1/4C of this paint I crumpled it up and left it do do its magic.

Turning to the lower edge of the piece, I needed another shade of cheesecloth to alter the sameness of the green fabric on the close slopes. Using one of the pale brown cloths, again from last summer, I folded it loosely into a container and poured the remaining green paint, diluted, complete with black clumps and added some yellow, also diluted. A minute of mixing and this was left to drip dry in the sun.
Voila! My fabric needs are fulfilled.

And on the landscape....