Monday, 27 June 2016

IPM - Day 23 - Hours of Detail

We're down to this type of work now. It doesn't always photograph well but these 3 sections came up rather well.

The first is a young tree, right of centre. It's natural that there should be a lot of new growth in this gap in the canopy. The only real issue here is continually adjusting the leaf size, in keeping with the prospective and depth of field. The leaves are big enough here I could place them singly and stitch. In some ways it's faster but more frustrating. I ended up using a tiny piece of netting and restricting the application to no more that a few inches. That way I could cut the netting away cleanly and then move on to adding more leaves.

The second is the detail on the road. The edges are finished to the edge on[y. There needs to be additional overhang of grasses etc. That's a final job. 

The left of centre, the region of the drop off, is in shadow. It still needs to be filled with vegetation but of a different nature, weedy and lush. This will need several layers of colour to fill it out. so it's about half done.

Some times it's nice to step back and see how far this has progressed. About 2 weeks ago it looked like this!

Now it's beginning to look right.