Wednesday, 15 June 2016

IPM - Day 17

I spent the better part of this morning vacuum packing my nephew's wedding quilt and getting it parceled and off to the post office. Tick one more thing off my calendar.

Then I played with tiny things.
I decided to try and cut leaves that evoke the maple leaf. It worked out pretty well,..... but I'm barely started.
These leaves were the next size up so I started with pieces of fabric about 1 cm sq. Small enough I had to hold them with tweezers.

I had purchased a set of tweezers a while back and found them a nuisance for everyday use because they lock. Not a good trait when you're just moving and placing things. But for this perfect.

I could hold the small piece of material and trim it into shape. I cut a strip of fabric with one side shaped and cut the points into the other.

And placed on the trees.

Looks good.
Now another hundred or so......!