Wednesday, 8 June 2016

IPM - Day 9

This morning I thought I'd work on some of the parts that I was beginning to find irritating.
They were totally untouched and they were drawing my eye from the areas I had been attending.

Working on the right side only, I increased the trunk colour contrast on the dark side or the largest tree. It still needs more.
The understory at the back was flat and dull, hiding the stems of the smaller trees. Using both a variegated thread and 3 separate shades of olive green, I worked the surface to imply vegetation. No fancy stitching, really. If the stitching were on blue it would imply water.
And the road......this blob of brown knit material was becoming really distracting. I'm not ready to stitch it yet, but I did give it several layers of stained cheesecloth. Now it has some interest and is starting to show the important light patterns.