Tuesday, 7 June 2016

IPM - Day 8

Here we go with days of tiny stuff.
I was out walking this morning in the early light because I wanted to view the light behind the trees, coming through the gaps in the crowns of the trees. That's the look I want to achieve around the yellow areas in the centre of the piece.

Using bits of pale yellow and green chiffon, I needled them in yellow and green on white netting. The netting is a sub-straight for now? to avoid too much stitching, this early, on the background.

This will take awhile........................

3:00 pm - Hundreds of stitches and the centre is finished. You do realize that this is still the background.........!
I took a small break and played with some trees too. All the small ones are stitched with grey, probably all they need. The large trunk on the right was stitched in about 5 different colours of greys and brown and then given a quick pass with a black crayon. Still needs some work but it's  looking better now.
Enough for today.