Sunday, 8 May 2016

Time For a Quick New Quilt

My 3rd (and last) nephew is getting married in July, another Calgary native.
Like his brother, and my own sons this generation seems to have turned totally away from living with colour. I grew up in a beige house and have since NEVER had a beige wall (or piece of furniture or car or coat etc in beige).
But this generation seems to like is neutrals, taupes, black and greys, to be exact.
And that's what they asked for.
I've never met his fiance but any photos I've seen of their home......all neutrals (even the dog blends in.) And they all seem to love the blocky, chunky Pottery Barn style.
So that's what they're getting.

This is really simple to sew and fast to assemble.
I drew up a pattern with EQ6. That gave me the fabric amounts. Even then, it was generous.

I found an nice fabric line at my go-to on line source, Connecting Threads.

So here are the blocks, all 12in. ready to assemble tomorrow into a quilt!