Saturday, 28 May 2016

Nephew's Wedding Quilt - Quilting Design

While this is a simple quilt in keeping with their choices I decided to give the quilting a kick.
After all, anything from Aunt Mary is never ordinary.

Over the whole of the quilt is a loose twisting design. I could choose between feathers or leaves and in the end have settled on an "oak leaf" feather, a compromise.

This was very effective on a neutral quilt I did last fall.

I spent some time this afternoon transferring only the main "vine rib" to the flimsy. A line of red thread with the ends and junctions marked with safety pins is all that's needed to mark it.

This can now be mounted on the frame as usual.

After the "design" " is in place the filler will be applied, in this case a loose "plaid" of lines in both directions. Yes this will require remounting the quilt but that's not an issue.
But is is important to maintain an even tension throughout sewing of the vine so there will be no buckling or tucks on the back.