Tuesday, 17 May 2016

2016 IPM entry "Autumn"

My friend and I, whose panel we are massaging together, met today to place some applique pieces on the design. This was a project from a PPM last spring. I really liked her colours better than mine.
My pale blue was wrong but her combination of the autumn colours and the rustic tan were much more suited for this project.

This one was mine. Definitely summer, not autumn.

      Her colours were much better.

I spent a few hours over the past month quilting this wall hanging to the point where we could apply all the leaves that she had prepared.

A lot of this is trial and error. We can only work in increments because otherwise it would be an nightmare to sew all the pieces on the background.

Her title for the hanging is "Autumn" and its quilted appropriately and when finished will be splashed with fluttering and falling autumn leaves..............or that's the general idea!

I'm using a single line of stitching on these double sided leaves so they will stand out an add interest and hopefully movement to the panel. Additional veins are penciled in. We'll meet again in a few weeks to place a second layer of "falling "leaves.
Can we have too many leaves? I don't think so.
But we'll see.!