Friday, 20 May 2016

Well Here We Go - Edge Of The Woodlot- IPM 2016

I've put this off as long as I can.
You can only think and plan for so long and then you have to do.

I made my picture decision.

I loved the layout of this one but it was too dark. I loved the path and how it disappears into the woods.
I love this colours in this one, but it was a bit nebulous for good fibre composition, I cropped it to closer resemble my original choice.

So the plan is to construct the first using the colours of the second!
Great to have a plan. Drew a sketch to define the size.  Drew a sketch to guide fabric cuts.

Transferred the sketch to a light weight facing.
Sorted through and choose some fabrics and then.....

for 2 days I avoided starting.
Its always the hardest point to get past.

Yesterday I played with Chiffon snippets on one of my own dyed fabrics. And quit.

But this morning things were clearer.

I take a lot of photos as I work. I transfer them all to Photoshop so I can "see" them better.
Some how, I lose sight of what I'm trying to accomplish if I stay in the workroom staring at it on the table. I have to hang it, photograph it and leave it for a while. Sometimes an hour, sometimes over night. And I spend most of that time in my head thinking the options through.

All this angst.
I KNOW that 90% of this first layer will disappear under the others.
But it has to feel right and for does.
Now all this needs to be anchored. Right now its under netting with a bit of tacky spray. I'll spend most of my art time this weekend stitching tiny leaves sporadically over the top third in a variegated thread.

I know most of it will be covered, but these random patterns that get laid down will steer the next layer. 
( The rest of my weekend?'s FINALLY gardening weekend here in Ontario. Hurrah! )