Saturday, 21 May 2016

IPM - Day 2

I played with several different variegated green threads.
More tiny leaves on the surface which, while actually anchoring the sandwich together at the top, will add some interest in the empty spaces.

I took a risk and "drew" some background trees. I wanted them indistinct and I couldn't get that with thread or a strand of wool. Using an ordinary coloured pencil and a ruler I drew about 8 lines in a dusty gold, over the netting and onto the fabric. It gave me the look I wanted. Whether or not it will stand up to all of the manipulation this cloth will get before its finished, time will tell. But I know that if I need to touch it up at the end, I can.

Over all this I placed some blobs of organza in 3 greens. And then some grey trunks. It works.
What's at the back of my mind, though, is when and how to transition to cloth for the foliage.