Friday, 27 May 2016

IPM - Day 4

It was a struggle to clear my plate long enough to work on this piece.
The "Autumn" is finished and ready to go.
I've decided how to quilt my nephew's Wedding quilt. I'll mount that on the machine this week.

Garden is in reasonable shape and the birds are fed.
So back to MY work.

I have been thinking about the transition from organza to fibre and was uncertain where and how, so I decided to jump to the bottom and lay out the featured topography of this piece, the path and the slope.

I used 4 different fabrics for the ground and then some brown upholstery fabric for the path and the undercut of the hill. I decided I needed to place the trees on a temporary basis. They are necessary to help maintain the perspective. These are only pinned in place and the fabric is glued. So everything can be removed or moved.

I played with the tree trunks for this one. Using a piece of cotton furniture wrap I felted in some roving in browns, tans and black. The wrap itself is a pale blue so I'm hoping it will read grey. This is a sunny scene so even though the major trees are in the shade they don't need to be dark.
Still lots to add.