Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hurrah - I think I can bring my purchasing home to Canada

On a whim I accompanied a couple of friends from my guild to a home where the owner sells materials and all the notions you could possible want.
I had expected to find another shop selling with impossible markups.
I expected to go home with nothing.
Boy was I wrong!
From this home business I could purchase a large range of fabrics and batting at a price that was very close to matching the prices I had been paying for goods from the USA, (exchange, taxes and shipping). I thought I had a good sources there. It IS a good source. But I wasn't buying Canadian, I wasn't supporting Canadian quilt shops. But I may have found one here, about half an hour from my home that I can support.

So if you live with in an hour's drive of Kitchener/Waterloo if might be worth a small road trip.

Note: by appointment only