Friday, 8 January 2016

Today is a " meh " Day

When I know I have appointments and things to do that will interrupt my day it's hard to really get into much.
I finished DJ block 24, ( yea me ) and I started "tarting up" my 25 trees.
Yesterday I took the plunge and bound the edge with black and a silver flange. It's not perfect. I always have trouble matching that flange edge when I join the two ends.

My intentions are to cover this piece with small small birds and animals. I stitched a couple of blue birds........they're ok but I lost interest. Maybe it has something to do with the idea that I was planning on around 100. Well I have time for that.

Then I had the brain wave to add some apple trees.

And them I thought some acorns or oak trees...with a few squirrels. Okayyyyy ...

Now I just want to eat.
Time to go out! 

6:00 PM ( Hubby's cooking ) I just finished this green wedge.  (23)

It occurred to me, during my philosophical musings, ( you spend a lot of time in your head working on these blocks ), the concept of women's education being lesser than men's. The maths? It was subtle. The centuries and decades women sewed clothing, and quilts they dealt with sums, fractions, geometry, tessellation, rotation and drafting. 

Think about it.