Saturday, 16 January 2016

Late Posting yesterday GCQ

I fiddled around with this most of yesterday and finally just decided to stitch down the main players, the rest of the trees. From here on is Thread painting .

The left side needs heavy work to match the shadowed floor but the right a light touch, to reflect the extra light it is receiving.
5:00 PM
Today was disrupted by a surprise breakfast with friends. Then I spent several hours on Block 214, the last of the corner stones.
Next I mounted a quilt on the LA frame.
Then I turned my thoughts back to this guy. I was going to start stitching the trunks but I decoded the foremost one wasn't important enough. I patched some extra width up the length. I knew I wanted something a little more tactile than stitching in grey and black. So I turned to fibre.

Teasing grey and black yarn back into fibres, I lightly anchored it with a glue stick. Then I captured it with black netting sewn loosely up either side. Additional stitching will now have something to aid more definition.