Friday, 22 January 2016

AWOL with Jane

I did it.
It's done.
All 225 blocks of the Jane Stickle quilt.
(In actuality I made 230, duplicates. I will use those somehow later.)

I finished the last of the wedge blocks today. As I got closer to the end, these last weeks, the blocks took on a life of their own. And they owned me. They invaded my sleep and took up almost all my waking hours. I lost sleep because my hands were sore and I mis-cut because my eyes were tired.

I LOVE Geometry, but I'm glad the days of rotation, sliding, reversals and tessellation are done........for now. LOL

It will take awhile to stitch them together. I'm NOT starting tomorrow, because, believe it our not, I'm taking a class in Hand Quilting. I've come this far, so I want to be able to finish this quilt with some degree of expertise.

I'll post the quilt again when I put it on the frame but for now here are ALL the blocks (bless their little souls.)
( Can I have my life back?)
Main body
Top row
Right Side
Bottom Row
Left Side
Corner Stones