Sunday, 31 January 2016


I'm avoiding,..... today.
I did a bit of cleaning. Went for a power walk.
That says how much I'm avoiding decision.

I have a wonderful quilt to finish for a friend and I'm still working up my nerve to get started. Once I do, there's never a problem, but until then?

I finished the small customer quilt a few days ago.

It took me longer than I expected. Part of the problem was that it was difficult to see my stitching on the busy fabrics. The results are much clearer on the backside. But then people don't often choose fabrics according to what the eventual quilting will be. This one will be picked up in a few weeks when the owner comes back to town.

But THIS ONE........

Here's the flimsy on my friends bed. This was several years in completing. Simply gorgeous. Every Star block is a different shade or colour all in scrappy materials..... with oodles of white.

And here it is on my frame........ and here it sits!!! Pristine and perfect waiting for me to paint it.
Its been a while since I've done a major feather quilt ( her request ) so yesterday, I got out a practice piece and played with feathers for a while.

Nothing too daunting here but.......... it's an intricate pattern to work around. So I drew.....

 Some I like, others I don't. When it gets too regimented it just looks messy. The more casual, varied sized feathers are nicer.
So then I made a full size sketch.

These are for the outer edges, There is no border per se, but these large white spaces surround the whole Queen size quilt.

The corners present a slightly different issue as they open into the main design. Where does the corner quilting end and the inner design begin?

A friend tells me I over think things, but when it comes to these kind of decisions, I don't want to be making then as I go. All these particular areas need to be identical. I have to like it... NOW, before I start.

And those inner stars whose cores are all different?.............. I could make them all different or I could do something like this. The only relief from the feathers would be the dividing lines from the Irish chain that winds through it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

So I won't start until I'm happy. Even though there is no time set for this, I don't want to leave it too long.

( I can always stitch my Jane blocks...I sashed 13 yesterday, row.)
( I could bake? )