Thursday, 14 January 2016

GCQ - My Path is Clear

I had a lot of doubts with this piece, stemming from the fact it was thrust upon me. Grey is not my ideal and evening/dusk/night comes with a lot of restrictions.
The break I took was needed until I thought my way through to the conclusion of this piece.

Today was a FULL day.
It will probably take another two days to complete the background.

So here is where I am. The dark detail in these pictures is not great, and there is still a lot of vegetation to come.

The only area that has not been touched is the right bottom section of ground but the rest.......

The mid ground had nothing to anchor all those bits of material.
Now there are half a dozen "ghost" shrubs, very pale in the moonlight in the lightest yellow and green I own.
Two trees on the left were added, "dressed" and highlighted, two grey and black, with the light behind them.

           Some of the rocks in this section were given a coating of moss, using netting and muddy green organza. only the upper third was thread painted in two colours. In a few spots I totally changed the colour with netting and organza.

The ravine is defined. Using slate or flint as my sedimentary style rock, the edges were stitched with grey, first, to define them and then black to give the horizontal, and crumbled style. There are two areas in the center, that were given a custom cut over lay of black organza, folded several times to make it opaque, suggesting the darkest spots.

Tomorrow is another day. It's good to have direction again.