Monday, 25 January 2016

Back to Work on a Monday

After finishing Jane, I came to realize just how much I had pushed. I'm tired.
I went to the hand quilting class and I was glad I did.

I had a great time. I forced myself to attempt to stitch in all directions, rather than turning the piece. I can walk to either side of my big frame, but maybe I shouldn't have to. It was also gratifying to see I wasn't a complete failure at this. I had some great feedback and I was able to pass out Business cards to the ladies who were interested in having me BASTE their quilts beforehand. We'll see if that amounts to anything.

This morning I removed Jane from the wall and packaged her for future handling. That will start in a few days......weeks?

First, I needed to address a customer quilt I've been sitting on for a few weeks. I still have lots of time but starting it has been a problem.

There were a number of issues to address. Mounting it was tricky as the owner hadn't given me any extra length, so I had to first mound false leaders and pin the backing to it. But it's now half done. So I left it this afternoon and turned to my Guild project.

The water needed texture and direction. Even though it will not be very visible, it has to be right. The heavy addition of  pale grey and then a light touch of sky blue was enough.

The rocks were stitched for a granite like texture and then I turned to the back edge of all the mounds. They have the full force of the moonlight on them so the vegetation needs to be washed out.
I'll leaf what needs it in the same manner.

The REAL hold up now is I still haven't decided whether to thread paint directly on the rest of the canvas or to go back to the hooped netting. I'm getting to the point where I have to decide; shrubs or grass. 

This has got to the point where I have to finish it to get it out of my head so that I can move on.

(Have a family WEDDING coming up in July so I need to make a quilt.........fancy that!)