Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Taking a Step Back

I have great friends.
One nudged me enough last night to get me thinking about what my GOALS were with the DJ Stickle quilt.
The only important goal was to have it ready to hang in our next Guild Show.
And when is that?
I think I can take a day off. LOL

So I did.
I cleared all the conflicting stuff on my viewing wall and took a long hard look at my moon lit forest scene. Slowly, over the time I've not been working with it, I decided how to finish it.
So I began this morning ( After clearing the snow ).

I removed all the temporary netting. It was making everything dull. I stitched down all the gauze at the front in the folds and shapes that are the underpinning for the rocky and rolling forest floor. Though it doesn't yet show, I divided the ravine into rocks and outcrops.

The evergreen tree at the right and the lone grey tree trunk beside, are the only two particulars that I thread painted to their conclusion.
And then I took a break.
Tomorrow comes soon enough.
The Stickle quilt? That last block was such a bother.......... I'll get back at them, and will probably have them completed this month. Hmmm 15 blocks 19 days. I think that's doable.