Friday, 29 January 2016

Now for Something Completely Different.........Really!

Historically, the end of my January always demanded a little retail therapy to get pass the long dull days.
Sewing something quirky has the same appeal.

This is my favourite ? piece of furniture. Yes it's just a hassock, but it's all that remains from the set my father had. The chair was tossed. ( If I knew then what I know now, it would have been reupholstered to match this guy.)

I re covered this about 10 years ago, when I first moved to my present home. And I never throw out left over upholstery material. It has a myriad of uses.

So yesterday the leftovers went from this.....

to THIS.

It has two sides of course so they CAN be different.

This is a pattern from one of Yoko Saito's wonderful books. While her patterns use patchwork and applique in wonderful shades of taupe and browns, I thought my fabric was in keeping with the spirit of the project.

I actually ran out of material when it came to finishing/binding the edges but deep in my stash I had some material from which I had made a Halloween cape for my husband.
(After he scared the bejesus out of a few toddlers, he never wore it again!)
So while the edgings is a different material and not the twill tape the instructions "suggested", I finished it with a well matched French fold binding !

The inside has a simple lining. I considered a pocket but decided it wasn't really that big that I would lose a lot of things in the bottom.
(This lining is not the one in the first picture. I thought it deserved something better than an old discarded shirt!...........I told you I keep everything..almost!)

So here's the happy? family? LOL

Hmmmmmmm what will I do today!