Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Post Show Reflections

The Show is over. My company has all gone. I'm still catching up on my sleep. My kitchen is a mess and I was called back in to work.
But I have my sewing machine back home. She's spanking clean and all the little "things" were fixed.
I sewed a "bush" this morning.

My pieces were well received by everyone................. but the judges..LOL
Anyone who has ever entered a competition knows that they are the one thing that is uncontrollable. It was delightful to see one of my close friends dance like a little girl when she found a ribbon on one of her pieces. I DO know the feeling.

I had innumerable persons seek me out and comment on my work. That was wonderful affirmation.
And all the work is now, on its way to my "gallery" in B.C.

So back to work on D&B Dogwood and Birches. ( This one is taking on a life of its own!!!)