Thursday, 28 May 2015

Dealing with Baby Bear

His design dictates him clinging to a branch. I thought I'd put him in the evergreens this time.
Some have interesting bark. ( Scot's pine has red showing through. )

Rather than a flat presentation I wanted some dimension to this. To make the branch, I started with a suitable piece of material twice as wide as I wanted the final branch to be.

I created a "tube" using a piece of stabilizer the final width I wanted. After they were sewn to each other I inserted a piece of batting the length of the branch.

A series of stitches down the length, folds and gathers the excess material into furrows. This was applied to the background on one side only coaxing it into  a curve.

To give the bear a bit of "plumpness" I placed a layer of batting behind his body. Then the whole thing was stitched in place using a blind hem stitch.


I think I'd like a little blue sky peeking through in a couple of places. Before I start applying fir branches, I need to cut holes through the background and insert a piece of sky.
That's for tomorrow..