Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Birthing a Bear

So we already have our bear traced onto a fusible web product. I've made these guys from cotton fabric, and upholstery fabric. I decided to go with fake suede.

I had these 3 pieces, a nice gradation but I needed one more, a lighter gold. When you look at pictures of grizzly in N. Am. they seem to come in all shades of browns and golds.
I knew where there was the perfect finish for this trio. In our closet.
Not HIS shirt, but MY shirt.
I 'd had this soft shirt forever and alas it was now too tight to be worn as anything other than an over shirt, and it didn't work well that way, as it clung to everything and didn't hang. Time to take one for the team.
I cut off ONE cuff. That was all I needed......this time. 

And so this bear was birthed this afternoon. I fused all the pieces to a very light interfacing. This makes it easier to assemble and handle. Now I can think on how to finish this background.