Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chair - Day 5 - Finished

I dislike doing the backs of chairs. The top is anchored inside out, folded back and then the tacking strips worked into where you THINK they should go to provide a nice straight tension down the back.
But its done.
Have I done better? I think so, but only because the fabric was more malleable. This was very stiff and ridgid.
The few places where tucked curves should have been filled and smooth remain as tucks, the material just wouldn't give.
But it will WEAR WELL. It reminds me of that horrible rough material my grandparents had on their furniture, a pinky/beige nylon. It left marks on your bare legs. lol

I know the kids will be delighted.

It really is a lovely coloured material. And I even did the silly arm thingys........I'm sure there is a name for them other than nuisance.

And a nice smooth back.

The kids had purchased 7 yds at my request. There are almost two left over as I hadn't needed to match patterns and I ignored direction. So they have enough to do.....a Hassock!