Tuesday, 19 May 2015

D&B - Day 16 - The END of Shrubbery!

I started today by drawing a line in black marker on the canvas. The Dogwood only needed to reach that point. I sat down in front of my sewing machine and thought, "just a few more shrubs should do it!" 13 later, I still was not happy with the fill in the front so I left it all in a heap, and went for a walk............in the nearby woods. The Trilliums were in bloom and I had a chance to look at.........you guessed it.....shrubbery.

When I returned home, I decided to sew directly on the canvas. Though the brush is more open as it reaches the foreground it still needs to be full, even where there are gaps.
To get the mixed colour, I went back to a double thread through the needle. ( This had resulted in breaking my threading hook, but that had been fixed in the overhaul. So I went for it! )

I started with red and yellow, but decided it was too colourless. I switched to red and lime green. The red thread is a heavy cotton quilting weight, and the green was inexpensive serger thread. The weight of the quilting thread pulls the lighter thread along with it, so there is very seldom any breakage when it encounters areas that are already heavily stitched.

I filled the gaps with branches. Every once in a while I added in and overstitched one of the last round of netted bushes to add colour contrast. At the end, when all the spaces were filled with shrubs, I used the single straight red thread and overstitched again, some heavier branches. This toned down the green and brought some definition back to the jumble of branches.

It's done.
That part.
No more shrubbery.
I thought I would scream.