Monday, 18 May 2015

D&B - Day 15

13 more Shrubbery......count 'em.
The problem with photos now. is you can't always see the changes. Most are small or minor colour additions.

After adding black material to the second largest tree, I went over some of the smaller ones on the right side with black marker. I was leery of stitching on those smaller ones as I can't see very well when the piece is under the machine. In some spots, that may be enough, or at least it shows exactly where I need to beef it up with black thread.

Again on the right half, each tree has had a dark grey single stitch line, placed down the right side to sharply define the edge.. The last three I used pure White embroidery thread on the left side of the trunks.
Not sure that's enough....................

I did a lot of jumping around today. It was that kind of day.

 I may still need to add some pearl paint to give some sparkle to the left side, but that would be done at the very end.

Almost to the bottom. I cropped this pic so I could see if the "end t'was nigh" for the shrubs. LOL