Thursday, 29 June 2017

My Children are Home from The Fair

The kids relaxing on the carpet to get the kinks out.
After the anxiety of letting them go, (to the CQA Show), it was nice to see the postal person walk up to my front porch with my mailing tube Children.

Enclosed in the return mailing was a summary of the critique from the three judges.

They were well received by all three, commenting favourably on balance, the use of colour to create depth and the "skillful" use of fabric to create a 3D affect.

Alas, my technique left a lot to be desired.
One thing I will take away from this, (from my haste to finish), I vow to HAND STITCH the binidngs.
Now I need to decide the fate of my two Birch Beauties.
Till next time.

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