Monday, 19 June 2017

Back to the Mundane

All the flurry over the CQA show is past, selected pieces are mailed out west, the garden has been returned to reasonable shape and Father's Day was a nice low key visit with our eldest son.


You can't suppress that creative urge for long. SO, it was time to catch up on some on going projects.

My Jane Stickle quilt has passed the halfway mark. Some of these blocks stumped me a bit, deciding how to quilt them. But it was nice to get back to it. As I worked I envisioned some of the awesomely small stitches in some of those show quilts. Inspiration !!!!

The Embroidery for another quilt needed a lot of light, so that necessitated me sitting in the garden. Such a hardship.

But OH NO!
I FINALLY succumb to the barrage of ultrasound shots of my grandson.......and started KNITTING.
I found one of my favourite patterns, one I had knit for my two boys thirty odd years ago. While my hands weren't too happy about this change of usage....... (I told them to toughen up and had some aspirin), I dove in with a lovely blue that is the same colour as Daddy's eyes.

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