Saturday, 10 June 2017

Summer Has Arrived

Today is the first scorcher of the season.
Perfect timing.....NOT...............the refrigerator died.  😒

While the repair man has to order parts, we've spent the better part of two days tossing and salvaging what we could into coolers with ice blocks. Hadn't counted on 30 degree weather after all the cool rainy weeks.

The plus side of all this was I got to give the frig a REALLY GOOD CLEANING!

Since I was already changing the bed linen, it's the right time to put away the duvets and break out the quilts. It is nice when you have a choice. Hubby went for the one made from his shirts.

 I put the Floral Alphabet on in the spare bedroom. It's a little small but it's fine for summer (when the night time air conditioning is too cold). Hahaha.

My work space is in the basement. That means I need to wear long sleeves and long pants year round. Coming upstairs is a different climate zone!

 While I'm catching up on the laundry, I'm also waiting for my customer to come for her baby quilt.

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