Saturday, 24 June 2017

AT LAST - a Paint Day

While all this rain has made for a fabulous garden, I've had to shelve any ideas about painting.
Thought it was a bit breezy this morning I decided to go ahead anyway.

Today was actually a purge day. I've known I needed to do this for a while. The problem with holding this brand of paint was, (Seta Colour Transparent), it's not meant to be held this long, 2 yrs+ actually.
It was starting? to get gloppy, clumpy and slimy.

But I hated to throw it out. So I spent a fun couple of hours....FINGER PAINTING and used up as much as I could.

I went through the colours, by working around the colour wheel and blended 2 or 3 analogous or similar colours on a fat quarter of white cotton. They should dry quickly today.

I was also able to add to my coloured cheesecloth collection. It comes in so handy to add a different shade or soften colours in my landscape work.

A couple of uninteresting pieces I scrunched for texture.

And the "dead soldiers" will head to the garbage. Time to mix fresh paint.

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