Friday, 9 June 2017

Baby Quilt - Fishes

A nice young lady called and asked me to help her out of a predicament.
She had started to hand quilt a small piece for her sister's baby. She quickly got bogged down.
The Poly batting was part of her problem. It is difficult to hand quilt and machine quilt, for that matter because it is fluid and often has imperfections and lumps. It quickly collapses as well with washings.

After a consultation I promised her the quilt mid June.
Whew! Did It.

Here's the finished project.

I had to pick out her hand quilting and then sew leaders onto the backing in order to mount it on the LA. The whole piece had pins and pins and pins to keep the whole thing stable.
(I will have a friendly conversation with her about future quilts and recommend a few things and materials.)

The Big fish all have different scale patterns and big eyes and the background is filled with a school.......and one crab!

I used a modified Poseidon's wave in the border.

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