Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Break in the Rain = Painting Time

I like to paint first thing in the morning. The breezes are down so my drying cloth stays put.
I mixed some fresh green paint this morning. I want to round out my stash for vegetation. While I have been given a LOT of green fabric, the commercial prints don't lend themselves to vibrant leafy scenes. They are great for the under layers, or background.

I did one yellow piece as an experiment. Those leaves that turn only yellow like elm, poplar and birch, are often mottled, so I spatter painted a few colours on a pale background. The paint movement is caused by re wetting the semi dry material causing the pigments to move away from the rapidly evaporating areas.

A few Blue pieces for future water? work...

The pigment movement this time is cause by salting the wet fabric. I'm playing with controlling the direction of the pigment movement by hanging the pieces to dry.

I just may get those Northern Lights yet.
And last.. lots of green.........

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