Thursday, 15 June 2017

CQA 2017

It came..... and I went yesterday with some very good friends and creative buddies.
We were blown away. There were some old favourites, some awesome hand quilting, and lots of jaw dropping pieces. This year's strong presence was the use of heavy embroidery as an embellishment. It certainly added luxury and sumptuousness to pieces.
So here are some. The show runs till Saturday. Get there if you can. Next year it moves to B.C.


Selvage Art


 My two pieces above stood up very well. Birch and poplar seemed to be a favourite this year.

Confetti work on a large scale

detail of above


This is a sister to the Best of Show at the beginning, done by the same talented and patient woman.

Got a chance to chat with the creator of this one.

Detail of above

Blue and White reverse Applique

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