Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Last of my Commitments

Too many things to clear off my table, particularly when I've got a project churning in my head.
We've been stripping the garage of my painting and dying materials. (We insist on having the car in for the winter. It's not getting any younger..........but then neither am I !!!.)
The holdup in the garage now is the last batch of beer. As hubby makes it from scratch he needs to cook and I won't have that in the house. ( Bad enough the wine fermenters bubble in the corners most of the winter,)
My stuff has to live under my worktable all winter. I will paint indoors but not dye. Too messy and unsafe.

These things will be sorted and "refiled" in their proper storage containers with the hope I'll be able to find what I want, when I want it next Spring.

And these two crib quilts are finished for the guild. I kept them simple. Babies like puffy?
So maybe I can finally begin?