Sunday, 6 November 2016

Birch Trees - Day 5

Though the clock says its still early in the day, my Daylight Savings shift has me ready to quit. I guess I put in about 6 hours on this today, so that not too shabby.

For what ever reason, I'm not happy with the photos colours from my Power Shot today. Things seem too orange. When I finish this, I'll take some photos with out door exposure.

In the meantime........I did leaves, and more leaves. As these are mid-ground I wanted "perfect" leaves as opposed to colour blocks so they are smaller and for the most part individually placed
I added more shades of orange to the lower foreground and them decided I needed kick, a splash of red. I used a shade, probably a magenta. reflecting dogwood, or viburnum.

These "leaves" went right over the "wood."  Just enough to relieve the dull green/grey. I sprinkled a bit into the crown as well.
Then I started to pin the netting. I had been thinking of using a white Tulle to keep things light but it wasn't playing well with all the colours. So I changed to grey, pinning about every inch.

By the time I finished I used the whole box of pins. I knew I would stitch only one side today.

Then after I had it all pinned and it lay on the table beside the other side... one without any netting, I decided the netting had to go.
It was dulling the colours. But in order to stitch these millions of pieces it had to stay as a stabilizer.

I started at one edge and unpinned one inch and stitched across, removing pins as I went, until I reached the other side. Yes, some of the leaves moved and bounced but for the most part slow stitching kept everything under control. And then another inch. Where there were no additional leaves the "wood" was tacked down.

So here is the Background, left side, finished.
And here is the right side, finished but un-stitched. That will be for tomorrow.