Thursday, 3 November 2016

Birch Trees - Day 2

I started today by cutting away all the excess netting.
3 different "branch" materials were place as a random as possible.

I played with un-ravelling ( and ironing) to half the ply and then to single ply.

The black is not my favourite here but I know it will disappear into the background.

Deep rust and a multiple orange batik were the first addition.

More rust and batik with a splash of green and bright orange.

While the colour seems more intense in these last two photos, the background has been broken up and is fading into just that, the back ground colour.
At this point I over laud the whole with netting. I will stitch it tomorrow. In the meantime I need a trip to the "store" I used up the last of my grey netting. Both black netting and white dull the colours too much whereas the grey allows the vibrancy to show through even after several layers.

And as the final act of today, the paper is re positioned. There is no point in trying to avoid the areas that will be covered with white. Gaps are left. The amount of material lost behind is negligible.