Monday, 14 November 2016

Birch Trees - Day 7

It took a week to decide how I wanted the leaves to look.
Though I WANT to do a piece with chiffon leaves as a feature, this was not the one.
I needed the yellow leaves to carry weight with light so I opted for my own material.

This FQ is heavy with paint. Deciding how to mount the leaves now that I joined the two halves was the second issue.  Manipulating the whole piece in order to stitch a single leaf is what I was trying to avoid.

So I've decided to sew them into a mat or layer and apply them as a applique.
But first the trees.
I padded the cloth with a thin layer of batting to ensure some dimension after everything is stitched down. There are also a series of branches that need to go in.
But I'm ready to go on now and finish this.