Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Birch Trees - Day 8

Today was leaf day.
I tried one idea and didn't like it so I dismantled it.
I was trying to avoid stitching each leaf. I thought if I sandwiched them between two layers of netting I could apply them en masse. I didn't like it, they were too flat. So I took it all apart to salvage the leaves.

Then I went back to stitching one by one.
This is actually better in that I can monitor what needs more or less.

So now I'm having a cookie and coffee break (Today was make more oatmeal cookies for hubby morning).
I've started the leaves so I can see the end of this one.

Hummmmmmm time to think of the next? HA!
Not yet.

4:00 PM Sometimes you just can't leave things alone! Few more leaves in the afternoon.