Saturday, 26 November 2016

Holly Quilt ...... for Holly

A friend from my working past tracked me down to finish a quilt she had made for her daughter, Holly.
What to put on the quilt? Holly of course.
16 Squares about 12 inches in size, should be a straightforward job? But this is custom work and the planning takes time. So I spent today constructing a panto for the border and for the centre.

The quilt is made of large and colourful log cabin blocks  The quilting really won't show on the front. However the back is a different story. So I've really designed it with that in mind.

Using this one simple motif I found on line I constructed the border and the centre medallion.

The medallion is composed of four repeats of three of the units, 12 in all, about 16 inches in diameter. I'll stitch this work tomorrow.