Friday, 4 November 2016

Birch Trees - Day 3 - Sort of

I didn't accomplish much today. I spent most of it running around. Hubby decided today he would make my PERMANENT Rabbit fences. (PERMANENT meaning winter use) After we argued about the "how", I decided the easiest thing was to go with him. The lumber store turned out to be the last "official" stop on the trip.
After visiting two far eastern meat markets for chicken feet ( I kid you not.... but he does make the best chicken stock) we then hit the nearby thrift stores to scope out material etc. We came home with ANOTHER clay baker, virgin I think. (He uses them for bread) and $4 Gollum mask (for his daughter ( 35) who does ALL the high profile Toronto Halloween parties), a felted wool blanket, (for me) and last stop was along the side of the road where the builders had a "free" sign next to some brick sized cut stone. (think foundation for the rabbit gate)...................... plus a stop at the grocery store and the mail box.

I had to lie down.

But I stitched for a few hours this afternoon and got one panel done.
Tomorrow?...........( I'll probably have a lot of time as that will be chicken stock day.)