Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Window's 10.......... I'm Dead in the water!

He warned me .......sort of.
I installed this "gift" and it's holding me hostage.
I have yet to figure out .......anything!
Settings, security, access......!

I can't massage any pictures in photo shop ...BECAUSE I DON"T HAVE AUTHORITY !


and my I.T. guy (who secretly grinning,)  just doesn't have the energy right now...............

But WAIT... I can still direct access my Canon
Whew.....sort of....

So here's what I'm doing.......off and on.
My sister asked me to quilt another of my mother's bed sheets. She been deceased almost 20 years.
( I'm still trying to wrap my head around the things my sister chose to keep.)
Finding a backing for this sheet had been an on going issue for a few months. This is spectacularly Floral

She had dismissed batik out of hand but after a few months I decided to go with it anyway. This was an economic buy from Connecting Threads. The colours are almost right.  A little heavy on the pink, but the blue and gold are about the same weight in both.

Then I had to decide how to quilt this. I considered an all over, totally independent pattern. In the end I've started TRACING the motifs. This gives an copy of the pattern on the backside.

This is going to take A LONG TIME.
I'll keep you posted.