Sunday, 16 August 2015

Trees - Textured or 3 Dimensional Trunks

Adding dimension is only a matter of folding material...........and crooked stitching!

Tree trunks come in many colours and that is multipled by whether they are in sun or shade, wet or dry, summer or winter.

I chose 6 fabrics.

The width of the swatch is the original width sewn to the white backing. Folds and pleats are stitched with straight lines, zigzags and meandering lines.

The first brown fabric is wood grained, a natural.
The second is a stone wall.
Third is left overs from my favorite dress!

The last 3 are meant to be rock.

These were all stitched with the same grey thread. By changing the thread colour you can make the stitching disappear or add additional contrast.

These were all done with no batting or stabilizer. Batting slipped under the material can add even more dimension.
Using a piece of material cut on the bias can be distorted for even more interesting results.