Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Siamese Cat Quilt - Final

The hold up on finishing this was finding black batting. I ended up paying the full ticket at a local store rather than wait a week to order it on line from the states (and spending more getting the price break.)
Someone had suggest quilting in some mice, but I didn't think they would be entirely appropriate for the intended recipient.

But I put them in the quilting and as I used mono-filament on the top and cotton thread on the bottom they can only be found from the backside. Barely there!

The cats were shadow quilted twice only. I had placed a bit of batting behind them during construction so they had some additional dimension when the quilting was finished. Photographing that lift was tricky but I think I caught a bit with my camera.
And I finished their eyes and whiskers.

This type of fill remains exciting because it changes every few inches.

The bulk of the quilting was the dimensional meandering, back and forth then up and down. The cats were surrounded with bubbles that drift out into the main quilting.

The label sat under one of the cats so the intrusive quilting was minimal.

A simple black binding and this will be in the mail!